Meet The Zombies

Pics will be posted soon but for now, let me introduce you to the Zombies!!!

Grayson Patch

Age: 19, in Zombie years.
Hair: Black and messy.
Eyes: Greenish. Unless I'm mad. Then they're gray as concrete.
Favorite Food: Beef, the raw kind.
Favorite Drink: Haha. Very funny.
Siblings/family/tribe: Leiv and Raina Patch.

Aiken McGrath

Hair: Short, light brown, and awesome.
Eyes: Blue, most of the time.
Favorite food: *smiles evilly* Brains, human ones... just kidding.
So, favorite food: No comment.
Pastimes/hobbies: I dig music.

Raina Patch

Age: Rude!
Hair: Long and dark.
Pastimes/hobbies: Shopping, of course. And on my downtime, sparring with Leiv and Gray.
Favorite article of clothing: Hipster jeans. But if you'd asked me about shoes, I'd have to say my chucks. I'm all about the comfy.

Leiv Patch

More coming soon!!!

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