Thursday, January 29, 2015

Here it is! The cover for MACHINE HEAD!

I love cover reveals. I mean you guys know that because they make up the majority of content here on the blog. But I especially love when I get to share my covers for the first time! I've been sitting on this little beauty for a month and it's been killing me softly.

MACHINE HEAD is what I'm calling an 'interactive novel'. It's a fancy phrase for a choose-your-own-adventure book. But the reason I didn't go with that is because Machine Head isn't quite like the ones we read as kids. In those, the reader usually plays the part of the main character as they read, choosing how that character reacts. In my story, the reader is outside the story, looking on, learning about the characters and world, but also running the show and deciding the outcome. Make sense? It's complicated, I know, but really fun too.

Alrighty then, are you ready?! Here is my pretty new cover-baby...

Where young rule and elders are hunted to extinction... and you decide who's guilty.

An Interactive Novel

Available April 10, 2015

Adults have poisoned the world with their selfishness, jealousy, and deceit. Now it’s up to the young to heal it. First order: eliminate every elder. Second: discover the secret to never growing up. Third: procreate.

Ten Sixty-Four is on trial for treason. The crimes he committed are unforgivable: hiding elders who should be long dead, consorting with illegal untrained young, and purposely botching kill missions. He’s come a long way from the cold, unfeeling, Sleepwalker he began as. He’s still four years from the death age, which means the Hex can’t afford to kill him. If found guilty, he’ll be given to the Machine for reprogramming. But none of that matters because he’s done what no other Sleepwalker has dared to. He’s found love. And he knows something they don’t. Falling in love is the secret to achieving the third order.

Brille has a secret of her own: the elders aren’t extinct. They’re not even endangered. But what the rest of the world doesn’t know can’t hurt them. At least, not anymore than they’re already hurting themselves. There is no more laughter. No more crying. No feelings of any kind. Only in the secret hiding places where the untrained dwell with elders, can emotion be found. Then it’s anger, rage, and hostility. When she finds herself a target of the Sleepwalkers, she realizes she’s not the only one with secrets. Ten Sixty-Four feels. He might even be capable of love. The idea leaves Brille with an emotion she never thought she’d have: hope.

The Hex has convened. A trial will commence. You, a member of the jury, must decide Ten Sixty-Four’s fate, and with it, the future of humanity.

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