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Guest Post + Giveaway: Sotia Lazu (THE TENANT)

Hi, and thank you so much for having me and The Tenant over today!

The whole premise of the book is enemies turned lovers. It’s a tested trope, seen often in romance. First time I noticed it actually has its own keyword on Amazon, I remember wondering if we’re masochists to an extent. Why want the leading lady to end up with the jackass who keeps fighting with her?

Is it because we like seeing a man change for a woman? But no, if he changes, he’s not fun anymore. Plus, if he has to really change for them to be together, will they ever be truly happy?

Is it the chemistry between too sexy people yelling at each other, bodies tense, faces a hairsbreadth apart? Could be. I mean, who doesn’t love make up sex? Pouring all that tension into sexual energy can make for a wonderfully steamy read.

But for me, it’s more than that. I like the challenge of the partners trying to establish dominance. I love watching the battle of wits, as boundaries are set, and enjoy even more watching those boundaries crossed. I love the dance around each other, waiting to see what gives, judging the other’s weaknesses, and ultimately deciding whether to hit or kiss them where it hurts.

I loved writing that dance between Amanda and Derek, and I hope you feel the same about reading it.

The Tenant by Sotia Lazu
In hopes of getting her fiancé to consummate their relationship before the wedding, Amanda convinces him they should check out the apartment her father gave her as a gift for their upcoming nuptials. Darkness and privacy are supposed to work in her favor, but there is one parameter she doesn’t know about: the apartment is not empty yet, and the current tenant has no plans of moving.

Derek has had a hell of a few months. His girlfriend turned out to be a cheater and then stole his restaurant. He's not about to also give up the place he's called home for three years—even if his hot but infuriating landlady threatens to move in by the end of the week.

When her own lease is up, Amanda is forced to make good on her threat. As if life isn't already hard enough, her tenant-turned-roommate is as sexy as he is annoying, and her fiancé is caught with a half-naked woman.

Now she and Derek need to find a way to survive their forced cohabitation. They soon discover sleeping with the enemy can be fun.

About the Author

Sotia’s making do with Greek reality, while writing and mostly thinking in English.

She loves romances with a twist and urban fantasy novels, always with vivid erotic elements. Her favorite characters to write are not conventional hero-material at first glance, and she enjoys making them fight for their happiness.

Sotia shares her life and living quarters with her husband, their son, and two rescue dogs, one of which may be part-pony. Sappy movies make her bawl like a baby, and she wishes she could take in all the stray dogs in the world.

Also, she hates mornings!

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