Monday, July 21, 2014

Introducing The Characters From Fatal!

Corinne (Cori) Abbott

After her dad's sudden death, Cori and her mom relocate to Asher, Oregon in hopes of a new start. She is quiet and more like a social moth than a social butterfly. But her new school is smaller than her old one so she's hopeful. She meets an eclectic group of students, including one who makes her head spin as if she's some cliche romance heroine. Except, clearly the guy has problems in the attitude department. Cori's tougher than she seems and she's not going to let him push her around. Kiss her, maybe, but only if he can quit being a grump. 

Grayson Patch

Grayson is a zombie. A Riser, to be exact. Which means he hasn't even come close to rotting yet. Good thing, because he intends to find his Save (the human who can cure his zombie problem and return his humanity) and use her, as is his right. To use her, he'll have to kill her. But he almost thinks the trade off is worth it... until he can no longer deny the way she makes him feel. Like he's worth something. He's caught love and now he'll have to make a choice: her life or humanity.

Aiken McGrath

Aiken is a zombie, but more importantly, he's a Reaper, sworn to protect humans from the dangers of the zombie race. When a rogue Rotter threatens Asher, Aiken's team is sent to dispatch it. But the case isn't as cut and dry as he'd hoped it would be. Instead, he finds Cori, who's very existence is being threatened by a local Riser tribe. But Aiken's hands are tied. Reapers can't interfere with Saves. All he can hope to do is distract her enough that she doesn't go running into the arms of death.

Peg Matthews

Peg is charasmatic, smart, and quirky. She's the butterfly to Cori's moth. The yin to Cori's yang. She'll tell you how it is, but she'll also have your back when you need it most. Best thing about Peg though? She doesn't take crap from dudes. Call her a man-eater if you must, but you won't find her sobbing over a careless guy... in this book anyway. ;)

Rex Davidson

Rex is a smarty pants in the best way. Like, he's actually smart. Being best friends with Peg since they were tots has made him careless to what other people think of him, so he just does his thing. He's faithful and level-headed. Unless he's behind the wheel of his Passport. Then, he's a really, really bad driver.  

Leiv Patch

Leiv is a Riser, and Grayson's "adopted brother" (according to the humans) or tribe mate (according to the zombies). He is oooooooold in zombie years (almost 100), and nearing the Age of Death, when he will become a crazed infectious Rotter. He likes 80s hair band music, keeping secrets, and long walks on the beach.

Raina Patch

Raina, like Leiv, is also a Riser, and Grayson's tribe mate. She's a computer geek who designs video games, but she's all about the glam. Her jewel encrusted keyboard might as well be her best friend and her faith to the tribe, her downfall. She learns the hard way, it IS possible to care too much. 

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