Tuesday, June 10, 2014

FATAL Series News!

FATAL is only a couple months old. Or, this version of it anyway. Which, might I add, is quite different from the original that was first released in February, 2013. That's right, 2013. That means some of you have been faithfully and patiently waiting for the sequel FOR OVER A YEAR. I never meant for you to have to wait that long, and I'm so, so sorry.

*slaps own wrist* Bad, author, bad.

But here's the deal. Aspects of the story have changed in such a way that most of what I had written on the sequel, needed to be rewritten. And I think we can both agree that the story is what really matters. You guys want good stuff, right? Not just something I threw on a page. 


In order to develop the FATAL world more fully, I needed to get Grayson's history out of my head and into a story. I ended up writing a novella sized prequel that tells Leiv and Raina's story and how Grayson came to be part of their family.


After talking with my publisher and getting the go ahead, I've got a little surprise for you! You're going to get to read that prequel very, very soon! To help hold you over until LETHAL is complete, the prequel, BRUTAL, will be available for free on Wattpad. I'll start posting chapters no later than August 1st, but it could be sooner if everything goes smoothly. And for those who want it in book form, it will be available on Amazon, November 1st. 

Okay, so what do you think? Is my little peace offering acceptable?

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