Monday, March 17, 2014

The Midnight Society Launches TODAY!

With all hub-bub of the FATAL release tour, you might have missed that one itty bitty time when I mentioned a brand spankin' new young adult/new adult horror lit blog I was going to be taking part in. It's a shame because YOU GUYS... it is going to ROCK.

If you're a lover of all thing creepy, spooky, slithery, and haunty, you definitely want to check out The Midnight Society!

It is comprised of nine horror-loving writers/bloggers that will keep you on your toes... or hiding under your covers with a flashlight. Either way, there are so many chillz to be had!

The Midnight Society consists of:
Jolene Haley
Amy Giuffrida
T.A. Brock
Kira Butler
Faith McKay
Nicole River
Jessi Shakarian
Cait Stuff

Find them on:

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