Saturday, March 15, 2014

Taming Darkness Tour Stop

I'm excited to be participating in the blog tour for Taming Darkness by Kat Daemon! Today she's taking over my blog and let me tell ya, she's bringing along a suuuuuuper interesting guest. You guys are going to love this.

I am thrilled to be here doing an interview with my all time favorite member of the Fallen.   I’ve known Lucas Starr for close to seven years now, and he was kind enough to drop by my writing room today for a fun Q&A. Read on to discover what Lucas looks for in a woman, his hidden musical talent and what we all want to know: Boxers or briefs?

Kat: Lucas, I know that you are very busy, and therefore I am so happy that you agreed to this interview.

Lucas: Oh Kat, let’s be honest here, I am not that busy. In fact I’d say I am pretty much at your command, my dear.

Kat: I’ll pretend that’s true. Okay, moving on. We know your past, fall from grace and all that. I’d like to give readers an opportunity to meet you. The real you. Feel like being honest with me?

Lucas: I always am. Fire away.

Kat: Well you seem to enjoy what others would view as “human traits”: eating, drinking, sex and even the movies. Has time on earth softened you?

Lucas: Do you know how much fun angels have? None. Nothing. To experience a second of pleasure, means that as an angel you have thought of yourself, and not the humans that you are bound to serve. So yes, I enjoy what my once brethren cannot. I allow my tongue to salivate at the flavors of the flesh and know that with every indulgence I am experiencing more than they can ever imagine. Is that soft? I’d say it’s learning to bend my earthly sentence to better suit my needs.

Kat: What’s your favorite type of music?

Lucas: I have rather eclectic taste. I love the opera. It helps to dull my senses, and demon senses are very heightened, so that is saying something. I also really love Alternative and Punk Rock, I happen to play a mean electric guitar, you should swing by the lair sometime and I’ll give you a private concert. You do have the address, after all.

Kat: Let’s just focus on the questions! Favorite time period in history.

Lucas: Tough! I really did relish in the dark ages, the torture methods were so creative. No one really places any value on that kind of technique anymore. Pity.

Kat: Here’s one for the ladies... excluding Maria from this description, what do you look for in a woman? 

Lucas: I could never narrow it down to one type. Woman are the most delectable creatures. Each one so unique. It’s like choosing to only gaze at one piece of fine art for the rest of your life. What can I say? Somedays I feel like a Botticelli, other days a Degas. So many choices, and I do try to get acquainted with as many styles of art as possible.

Kat: You’re having a dinner party. You can invite five guests, dead or alive. Who do you invite and why?

Lucas: Marilyn Monroe to sit beside me as my very personal guest--we have a history, and let’s just say the reason so many of her marriages ended in turmoil was that none of her suitors compared to me. Gandhi, I’d like to torment him with all the food he would try to refuse. Edgar Allan Poe, I would love to slip that guy some mood enhancers and see where the party takes us. Can I invite Mother Nature? That chick fascinates me.... And finally, the archangel Michael, but only if we can use him as a celestial pinata. Can’t you picture it? Every time you’d whack him, sparkly feathers would fly.

Kat: Oh Luc! I should have known! Alright, let’s wrap things up with a fast five!

Lucas: Shoot!

Favorite color: Red

Favorite drink: Bourbon

Favorite city: Manhattan

Boxers or briefs: Wicked! Boxer briefs. Black.

Favorite book: That’s easy, Taming Darkness, my love!

Ah, Luc. He is a zesty fella. My full review will be posted tomorrow but let me give you a sneak peak... FIVE HEAVENLY STARS.
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