Saturday, March 22, 2014

Book Review: Taming Darkness by Kat Daemon

Hey there, friends! Today I’m sharing my review of Taming Darkness by the lovely Kat Daemon. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, well then… fix that. Now. If you like angels and demons and stories about the struggle between good and evil, you WILL like this unique story.

First off, this book was nothing like I thought it would be. It was the most wonderful kind of surprise. The let’s-get-the-villain’s-side-of-the-story trope is something I’ve seen a lot of in recent years and I tend to like those kinds of stories. It can be interesting to see something we’re familiar with told from another point of view. But let’s be honest, there are only so many ways to do this before it gets to be run-of-the-mill dull. Even still… I kind of like it when the bad guy is humanized and we get to feel for him (as is usually the case with these stories). So, OF COURSE I was dying to read Taming Darkness. A story written from the devil’s point of view? Shhhhyeah. I’m in. Please, tell me how the poor widdle guy was wronged and he really isn’t as bad as they all make him out to be. I like good fiction, what can I say!

But oh no, that’s not quite how things played out. The Devil is bad y’all. And the author doesn’t shy away from that. You will cringe at Luc’s antics. He lies, cheats, hates, manipulates. He falls in LOVE. Yeah, I’m serious. With a nun-to-be. Maria, a woman who has dedicated her life to serving God. But here’s the best part (in my opinion, at least), since the story is written from Luc’s point of view, we get to see the ultimate struggle between good and evil FIRSTHAND as he deals with the moral dilemma of falling in love with a servant of his mortal enemy. It’s a terribly unconventional love story but as we all know, those make for some of the best feels.

Taming Darkness is not only a great premise, it’s beautifully written. Rich descriptions, snarky inner monologue, and characters that you want to both hug and hate make for a captivating read. I can’t wait to continue the series!  

Five Fabulous Stars!



  1. The Prince of Darkness sends his love! Thanks for such a fabulous review!