Monday, November 4, 2013

Back To The Future, Part 1

As many of you might know, the sequel to FATAL was scheduled to be released this month. You might have also noticed I've been mysteriously quiet about it. No cover Reveal. No blog tour. No yak, yak, talking about it on social media. My friends, there is a reason for this.
There is bad news and there is good news. I'll start with the good. FATAL and its sequels have been picked up by a publisher!!! Yaaaaayyyy! *herky* *cabbage patch* *Rocky Balboa moves* *the running man*
There hasn't been an official announcement yet so I won't name the publisher (watch out for part two of this post, coming soon). But what this means is FATAL will be re-edited, re-covered, and re-released sometime next year. This means wider distribution, more readers, and endless possibilities. So if you are the lucky owner of one of the original books, you're special. Join me in a herky or two.