Friday, August 9, 2013

#WIPMarathon Intro (AKA, The Sad Blog Got Happy)

My poor, poor neglected blog. I’m so sorry you’ve come last on my list. But thanks to #WIPMarathon, you’ll be getting some extra special attention for the month of August! *squishes sad blog in a bear hug*

So what is this WIPMarathon hashtag ,you ask? On Twitter, where all my writer friends live (it’s a lovely place full of rainbows and moonbeams and sparkly glitter dust), there is a beautiful princess named, Ifeoma, who decided it would be a wonderful idea to dedicate the month of August to encouraging others to work hard at their writing goals. So, in her princess castle (which is not like any other princess castle, I assure you. Hers has a giant timer for sprint writing, awesome writing music, and snacks to keep her sustained during her 6+ hour sprints.) she sat down and wrote this blog post, explaining her idea. Many in the kingdom of Twitter were inspired and wanted to join in on the marathon. Since the beginning of August, lovely new friends have been made, writers are sprinting almost round the clock, encouragement flies like a flag from a turret on Princess Ifeoma’s castle, and so many words are being written that the world might run out of words. *GASP* But nah, we’re writers. We’d just make up new ones.

Now, about that blog attention. As part of the WIPmarathon, I will be doing weekly check-in posts, reporting my progress. You can expect these every Saturday. I am most excited to read everyone else’s posts!!!

And since I missed the Intro Post last week, here’s what you need to know!

Marathon Goal: I’m working on a YA choose-your-own-adventure book. It’s a beast. A fire-breathing dragon. Every time I think I might be done with it (not done, done… just like, done with first revisions), I find something new that needs major work. I wanted to have it ready for a pitch contest that’s coming up soon but I’m not sure if that’s too lofty of a goal. I’m also working on a sequel to FATAL, my zombie story.

Stage of writing: Revisions. The icky stuff… fixing plot holes, adding depth, tweaking dialogue.

What inspired my current project: A conversation with my hubs.

Him: “Hey, remember those CYOA books from when we were little? You should write one of those.”

Me: “Are you CRAZY?!?!”

Me, a little later: “You ARE crazy!”

Me, a little later-er: “You’re crazy but… it’s not exactly a horrible idea.”

What might slow down my marathon goal: I’m a stay-at-home-mom of two and I homeschool my 6-year-old so… yeah, that might slow me down. We start Monday so I’ll let ya know. ;)

I love being a part of this! Everyone has been so uplifting and it really has challenged me to push myself! Thanks to you all!!!


  1. I hope you reach your goals!
    I'm so insanely excited about that CYOA! You have no idea. You're awesome for tackling that.

  2. Hahaa your intro made me laugh so hard! You're the best, T.A!!

    Good luck with August. LET'S DO THIS!