Friday, May 24, 2013

My proof came!

Yes. That's me. With a print copy of Fatal!!!! Eeek! It's surreal to see it and hold it in my hands. I was kinda sorta maybe jumping up and down like a buffoon.
Available June 4th!!!
In the meantime, hop on the blog tour!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bad (good? fun?) Habit

I make up words.

Yeah, it's bad. I'm in deep.

It all began when I looked at my husband one day and said, "You're full of awesomesauce." He blinked repeatedly before saying, "Awesomesauce?"
It was already out there in the ether and I couldn't take it back so I just nodded.

Now, I'm aware that I didn't make this word up. I MUST have heard it somewhere before and my tiny subconscious packed it away for the future. But I sure thought I'd made it up. Until I read Reasons I Fell For The Funny Fat Friend by Becca Ann (otherwise known as Cassie Mae). [Sidenote: I LOOOVE this book. I'm talking seriously, spankiliciously, love it. Okay, end sidenote.]

There I was reading along and I come across MY WORD. Now every time a new word that doesn't actually exist pops out of my mouth I wonder if it ACTUALLY DOES exist. You following me here?

Anyway, this is the one thing I have in common with my favorite character from the Dead of Asher series. Peg. She makes up words. She's boomtastic (awesome).

Here are a few she's slung around lately:

Grumpet: a grumpy pet.
Mactastic: either referring to a super great Mac product (RIP Steve Jobs) or a hot guy.
Hater-itis: a disease that causes people to hate on others.
Sweater: well, that's a real word but she has a new meaning for it... yeah, you probably guessed it. A person who sweats a lot.

BTW, you should've seen how the page lit up when I spellchecked this post! ;)

Monday, May 6, 2013

It's a BABAY!!!

This is what I call a baby blog. Three days old, and three posts strong. Including this one, that is. But I'm okay with that. Yep, everything has to have a starting point. Or, if we're going with the baby analogy, a birth.

So, what can you expect to read here?

*My random thoughts, musings, complaints, and attempts at humor.
*Miscellaneous peeks inside my day.
*TONS of info about my books, book tours, upcoming releases.
*Extras such as excerpts and deleted scenes.
*Deets about characters.

And SO. MUCH. MORE!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and thanks in advance for sticking with me as the baby grows. Before you know it, this cute little thing will be a teenager!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Zombie Craze 2013

Very excited to announce I will be participating in Zombie Craze 2013!!! If you're not familiar with Zombie Craze, you should become that way. Fast. It's an entire month of Zombie, brought to you by the ever awesome Bookish Brunette . Chalk full of guest posts, giveaways, and reviews of the latest zombie books. Do. Not. Miss it!!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hi! And Welcome!
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